Our Story

It was a summer night at the hospital when I witnessed a brilliant surgical mastery. A particularly severe surgical case happening in the back in which the patient’s life depended on the movement of a scalpel measured with millimeter accuracy. Maneuvering such movements is just a coincidence? Talent? I don’t think so. I am convinced that a person who has been entrusted with one of the divine powers — to save another person’s life, has sacrificed himself or herself for others. No one will count the number of hours he or she has spent reading, developing skills in the operating room, analyzing successes and failures in his or her mind. At that particular moment, watching the doctor, I realized what an honor it is to have the status of a doctor, what a frighteningly responsible privilege to determine a life with our own hands. This was my first confrontation with real medicine that was not described in the textbook.

I had many experiences, I had the privilege of being surrounded by inspiring people who dedicated their lives to medicine. Thanks to them, an I D E A was born. The desire to create a garment worthy of a doctor, which would be a non-verbal presentation of himself. Gratitude to his exhausting work. The right partner for his knowledge and competence.

However, a beautiful project cannot be imagined without partners and like-minded people, so we collaborated with a virtuoso of aesthetics and good taste, a person I trust more than anything, co-author of the idea Ieva. We have been creating the project for more than a year, smoothing out every little detail, thinking and rethinking everything over and over again in order to proudly present our creation to you - MEDDESIGN. When creating MEDDESIGN we devoted ourselves completely by transforming the untouched by the present design of the lab coat, and thus turning it into a modern part of innovative medicine. With our bold design that does not go beyond medical style frames, we want to emphasize that a lab coat is not just a white outer garment that tells others that you belong to an institution or are part of a staff, it’s so much more. A lab coat is like a crown or an order for your dedication, discipline and perseverance.

We know you apply the highest standards in your work, why shouldn’t a lab coat be one of them? Position yourself correctly and feel confident by enriching your individuality with a MEDDESIGN lab coat. After all, a white lab coat is the privilege of the elected, why not informing about it in style?

Founders of MEDDESIGN: Žilvinas and Ieva

MEDDESIGN įkūrėjai Žilvinas Krivickas ir Ieva Sklėnytė