Innovation with attention to the essential: freedom for movement and guarantee of long-lasting freshness. Our focus on the highest quality reflects in the excellence of comfort, function and style which in turn makes MEDDESIGN medical apparel a combination of it all.

Our promise to the customer

Medical apparel created by the MEDDESIGN team is a great investment for the formation of your identity and self-expression in the background of modern medicine. We promise a scrupulous attention to the smallest detail, precision, taste and innovation – things without which we cannot imagine MEDDESIGN.

MEDDESIGN stilinga medicininė apranga


Recent bibliometrics show that the number of published scientific papers has climbed by 8–9% each year over the past several decades. In the biomedical field alone, more than 1 million papers pour into the PubMed database each year — about two papers per minute. Not easy catching up, is it? MEDDESIGN Journal helps to keep up with this fast pace of knowledge evolution by providing short overviews of the most groundbreaking publications.