Our vision

We have created a lab coat worthy of your devotion and care for life. The lab coat is the first diploma your patient sees, so we created MEDDESIGN to represent yourself correctly. We devoted ourselves completely by transforming the untouched by the present design of the lab coat, and thus turning it into a modern part of innovative medicine. Give us the honor to become a symbol of your professionalism and exceptional perseverance. Together with MEDDESIGN become the new standard of medical apparel.


A lab coat. Only part of the work environment? Just a white outer garment telling others that you belong to an institution or are a part of a staff? Or maybe much more? Part of a millennium of history of searches and discoveries, a symbol of excellence and safety, a sign of respect, an indicator of others’ blind trust in you, a witness to sleepless nights and hard work – your main attribute.

Our promise to the customer

The lab coat created by the MEDDESIGN team is a great investment for the formation of your identity and self-expression in the background of modern medicine. We promise a scrupulous attention to the smallest detail, precision, taste and innovation – things without which we cannot imagine MEDDESIGN.

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